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Fire resistant fabrics

A preox non-woven fabric can be the solution

Oxidized polyacrylonitrile fiber Preox, also named Panox, is an oxidized polyacrylonitrile fiber (PAN), a flame retardant material that has many features applied to different sectors. The great qualities Preox has are...
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Aluminized fabric for marquees and tents

In the indoor plant growing sector, or in motor competitions, where a  preheating of the tires is required, some tents or marquees with an aluminised interior are used. This interior aluminized layer allows to...
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Fabric resistant to welding, which also performs as a thermal barrier

There are many Flame retardant fabrics for high temperatures that greatly resist welding impacts. But only a few also perform as a thermal barrier impeding that temperature moves to the fabric other side.
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FR fabric to protect the wiring in smelting furnaces

Foundries need energy supply on its production process, mainly, when it comes to smelting furnaces by electric heating. One of the challenges in the steel industry is the protection of wires in smelting furnaces...
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An aluminized fabric could be the solution to protect ourselves from high temperatures

In our everyday life, we find many daily situations where we have to face heat sources during more or less long periods of time. The exposition of furniture and machinery before high temperatures could provoke...
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Fire blanket, a mandatory element for mixed and air balloons

New Regulation (EU) 2018/395 of EC for operations crewed with mixed and hot air balloons requires balloons to be equipped with a flame retardant blanket as a basic safety element.
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3 Reasons to have a flame retardant carpet in front of the chimney

Flame retardant protector for the floor which also isolates from heat and it is impermeable Winter is a synonym of cold, home, family and, of course, chimneys and stoves. Nowadays, there are very efficient systems to...
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Flame retardant blanket with magnets: Multiple uses in one single product

Flame retardant blankets with magnets for metallic surfaces: safe magnet fastening and reduction of damage risks in workplaces A welding blankets with magnets, with magnetic clamping system, is a welding protection...
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