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Texfire’s non-woven fabrics, also known as mats or felts, are a web of discontinuous flame retardant fabric, oriented and placed randomly over a surface, and joined to each other by a needles that intertwines them to be handled as a whole, as a fabric.

These type of textile constructions, designed to be used as thermal insulators, offer very interesting qualities because they have a considerable width with really low grammages. The width of layers in thermal insulation is a determinant fact, and with non-wovens excellent thermal barriers are reached without exceeding the weight of its whole. They are products designed mainly to meet an insulating function, even acoustically and in the internal layers is where their qualities are squeezed in its best.

Precarbonized fibers effective blocking heat and acting as a thermal, acoustic and electric isolator.

Composition: 100% PAN
Resistance: 550ºC constant
Weight: 200 g/m² ±5%
Width: 160 cm
Featured: Thermal, acoustic and electrical insulator


This flame retardant mat is a needling made of silica fibers, without resin nor chemical binder. Offers a resistance to the flame and high temperatures.

Composition: >95% Silica
Resistance: 950ºC continuous
Weight: 1300 g/m² ±5%
Width: 100 cm ±2%
Featured: Thermal and acoustic insulator


    Is a E-Glass fiberglass needling very effective to block heat thanks to a combination of thermal conductivity with an optimized fiber density.

    Composition: >98% E-Glass
    Resistance: 500ºC constant
    Weight: 1300g/m² ±5%
    Width: 100 cm ±2%
    Featured: Effective to block heat


    It is effective to perform as a heat and acoustic insulator. Thanks to its thickness offers a very significant blockade and conservation of temperature

    Composition: >98% E-Glass
    Resistance: 500ºC continuous
    Weight: 3300 g/m² ±5%
    Width: 100 cm ±2%
    Featured: Very significant blockade and conservation of temperature


    TECSTAR’S FLAME RETARDANT NON-WOVEN FABRIC, WITH LOW SMOKE EMISSION. NT TECSTAR 180 is a non-woven fabric made of Tecstar® synthetic fibers, its composition of reticulate polyacrylate composition turns it into a...
    MAT OF SILICA FIBERS FOR THERMAL INSULATION RESISTANT TO EXTREME TEMPERATURES. Texfire’s non-woven flame retardant NT SILICA 1300 is a silica fiber plush of 1300 g/m2 and a thickness of 12 mm. Silica fibers confer...
    THERMAL INSULATING FIBERGLASS MAT. Texfire’s item NT FIBERGLASS 1500 is a non-woven E-Glass fiberglass plush of 1.500 g/m2 and 10 mm (+-2) width. NT FIBERGLASS 1500 fibre-bonded mat has a density of 128 kg/m3 that...
    THERMAL INSULATING FIBERGLASS MAT. Texfire’s NT FIBERGLASS 3300 non-woven fabric is an E-glass fiberglass fibre-bonded mat or plush. It’s 25 mm (+-5) thick and it has a grammage of 330 gr/m2. This plush resists...
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