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Texfire offers customers the chance to tailor custom-made protection blankets for welding, cutting and grinding operations, according to the client’s need and with different flame retardant fabrics in relation to the kind of welding that is going to be performed. Texfire’s custom-made welding blankets are tailored with Nomex® flame retardant thread. The perimeter is reinforced with a bias and also Texfire offers the opportunity to incorporate metallic grommets on each 50 cm to ease its holding.

The maximum measurements that can be acquired are 7,5x10 meters. For higher sizes, we recommend our clients contact Texfire’s team via phone or email.


Fabrics we can use to tailor the blankets are Texfire’s exclusive and confer different features to each blanket:

Weld S1 blanket: Tailored in WELS1 flame retardant fabric, it is a fibreglass blanket with a side covered with a special silicone for high temperatures that avoids incandescent particles to get stuck in the blanket, increasing its lifespan. This welding blanket is light, flexible and waterproof, and it resists temperatures of 250ºC in continuous works and work peaks up to 550ºC. It is recommended to use it vertically or diagonally.

Weld S2 blanket: Tailored in WELS2 flame retardant thread, it brings maximum safety and protection in front of sparks and projections that may be stuck, meaning that it can be used on both sides. It resists continuous working temperatures of 300ºC and peak temperatures up to 900ºC. In addition, this blanket is completely waterproof to liquids and fumes. It is recommended to use it vertically or diagonally.

Weld SX blanket: Tailored in WELD SX fabric, it is the only welding blanket that achieves containing incandescent sparks, at the same time it performs as a thermal barrier. It brings protection in front of practically all kinds of welding techniques: MIG, Electrode, TIG, spot welding, etc. It is also useful for cutting operations: Radial cutting, oxyfuel, plasma cutting and grinding… WELD SX welding blanket has a silicone finish on one side and a Preox fabric on the other that performs as a thermal barrier, avoiding heat transference at its most. It resists continuous working temperatures of 500ºC and thermal peaks up to 1300ºC. It is the only blanket in the marketplace performing as a thermal insulator, same time as containing incandescent projections.

The fabrics used in the making of this blanket complies with part of the EN ISO 13501-1 standard - Classification based on the fire behavior of construction products and building elements - achieving results A2 s1 d0 and B s1 d0.

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Fabric data sheet


  • Fire retardant blanket for MIG welding.
  • Fire retardant blanket for TIG welding.
  • Fire retardant blanket for Electrode welding.
  • Fire retardant blanket for radial cutting.
  • Flame retardant blanket for oxyfuel cutting works.
  • Flame retardant blanket for plasma cutting works.


  • Automotive.
  • Naval sector and shipyards.
  • Construction sector and subcontractors.
  • Foundries, metalworking and steel companies.
  • Mechanical workshops.
  • Machinery manufactories.
  • Boiler-making.
  • Petrochemical and pharmaceutical sectors.


  • Welding workshops.
  • Always use the shiny side exposed to the Sparks. (Weld S1 and Weld SX).
  • It can be washed with a wet cloth.
  • Never use alcohol, solvents, or detergents to wash it.
  • Do not rub, brush or vacuum the plush side (Weld SX).
  • The longer the distance to the spark source, the better the fabric will behave.
  • It is recommended to store it alwaysrolled with the elastic band, to raise its lifespan.

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