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European regulation UNE-EN 13501-1:2019 fire reaction

European regulation UNE-EN 13501-1:2019 reaction to fire. Classification according to the fire performance of construction products and building elements In this article we will talk about the European regulation...
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WELS2 fabric for flame retardant curtains, the best classification according to UNE-EN 13773

Fires inside houses or buildings spread very fast. A small flame is able to fill a whole big area with a dense black smoke or surround it in flames in less than a minute. It only needs to find enough combustion...
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RIPCI 2017 and fire blankets

Considers fire blankets as an Active Protection against Fire element"New FPAFR /2017. Entering into force 13th december 2017 Published in BOE, Real Decreto 513/2017, last 12th June 2017 and entering into force 6...
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ISO 9185: Fabric resistance against splashes of melted metal

ISO 9185 European Regulation to evaluate the resistance of welding and foundry clothing To certify this regulation, the garments or flame retardant fabrics used to tailor workwear for welders and operators in...
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The regulation UNE EN ISO 11611 certifies the protection clothes for welding and connected techniques. To certify this regulation, those garments must be submitted to a series of laboratory test in order to check if...
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NTP 500 – Regulation for risk prevention in laboratories

Action and protection items in emergency cases in laboratoriesWork activity in a laboratory implies the use of a wide range of chemical products with high toxicity and danger degrees, and its manipulation for various...
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AOGLP recommend the use of Fire Blankets under UNE 60250

Do you know the REGULATION UNE 60250 names fire blankets as a complimentary material to prevent fires?What is AOGLP?Asociación Española de Operadores de Gases Licuados del Petróleo. (Spanish Association of Petroleum...
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UNE EN 14533: European Regulation of behaviour to fire in bedding articles

This regulation is one of the three regulation closely related with bedding articles regarding its behavior to fireThis regulation specifies a classification system of the behavior of fire from bedding articles, based...
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UNE EN ISO 12952: European Regulation for bed linen

Behavior to fire of bedding articlesThis regulation specifies the method to evaluate the easiness of ignition through two parts: UNE EN ISO 12952-1, action of a burning cigarette. UNE EN ISO 12952-2, action of a...
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Do you know American regulation for protection in welding?

American regulation ANSI FM 4950 establishes the essential requirements that welding pillows, welding blankets and welding curtains must meet to prevent ignition of fuels, machinery or other elements during the...
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