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Texfire has been developing and manufacturing flame retardant fabrics for high temperatures for more than 20 years. Fabrics for extreme temperatures are technical fabrics developed to resist working temperatures from 300ºC up to 1,300ºC. These fabrics are constructions of multi-layered fabric with special coatings to enhance its thermal performance or fabrics reinforced with inox steel filaments to improve its mechanical features, being able to withstand the exposition to extreme temperatures during long periods of time, maintaining its structural integrity.

Thanks to the use of several materials like fiberglass, silice or pre-oxidized polyacrylonitrile fibers, and in combination with different chemical coatings  like vermiculite or silicate calcium, fabrics able to resist extreme temperatures are obtained.

Fabrics for high temperatures are destined to sectors like in foundries, petrochemistries, or those sectors where there is some production process with high temperatures like ovens in cement industries or in welding tasks, among others. Also they are optimal fabrics to use in situations where a protection before high temperatures is needed, combining the action of a thermal barrier with a thermal shield, like being the case of a drop-down shelter for forest firefighters, a flame retardant protector for works of art of a custom-made case for a volcano explorer drone.

Three-layer fire retardant welding fabric that withstands temperatures of 300ºC in continuous and can reach up to 1300ºC in punctual.

Composition: 62% GL 28% PAN 10% SIL
Resistance: 300ºC en continuo
Weight: 730 g/m² ±5%
Width: 150 cm ±2%
Featured: Welding protection

This flame retardant mat is a needling made of silica fibers, without resin nor chemical binder. Offers a resistance to the flame and high temperatures.

Composition: >95% Silica
Resistance: 950ºC continuous
Weight: 1300 g/m² ±5%
Width: 100 cm ±2%
Featured: Thermal and acoustic insulator

    Fabric composed by an E-glass type fiberglass base of 1000gsm, offers a great mechanical resistance and is coated with a chemical treatment of vermiculite.

    Composition: 72% PTFE 28% GL
    Resistance: 600ºC in continuous
    Weight: 1035 g/m² ±5%
    Width: 100 cm
    Featured: Excellent thermal conductor, resistant to abrasion and welding impacts

    Fabric of mineral origin with a chemical treatment of vermiculite to enhance its dimensional stability, its resistance against chemical agents, abrasion and tears.

    Composition: 100% Sílica
    Resistance: 950ºC in continuous
    Weight: 650 g/m² ±5%
    Width: 91 cm ±2%
    Featured: Excellent thermal resistance

    Flame retardant fabric made of texturized fiberglass with a stainless steel filament armouring.

    Composition: 94% E-glass 4% Stainless steel 2% Calcium silicate
    Resistance: 700ºC in continuous
    Weight: 1200 gr/m² ±50 gr/m²
    Width: 150 cm
    Featured: Excellent mechanical resistance and flame blocking

    High temperature fabric woven from steel-reinforced fiberglass.

    Composition: 88% Eglass 10% HT AL PU 2% Stainless Steel
    Resistance: 750ºC
    Weight: 710 gr/m² ±5%
    Width: 155 cm ±2%
    Featured: Water and oil proof, welding protection

    Flame retardant fabric for high temperatures based on silica fibers

    Composition: Silica
    Resistance: 1100ºC in continous. Punctual of 1500ºC
    Weight: 630 gr/m² ±5%
    Width: 92 cm ±2%
    Featured: Resists high temperatures, slow cooling.