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Lightweight portable welding screens: Protection and versatility

The lightweight portable welding screens with Texfire welding curtains are a resilient and versatile solution that easily defines different work zones, providing protection to operators and the environment against...
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Texfire receives european funding for innovation in technical textiles

On June 4, 2024, TEXFIRE, along with other partners from the AEI Tèxtils cluster, was selected to participate in the European In Transit programme, securing funding of 49,000 euros. This support will enable TEXFIRE to...
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Why is the car fire blanket a fire protection system for vehicle fleets and parking lots?

Fire safety in areas with dense vehicle population, such as fleets, dealerships, and public and paid parking lots, demands effective and responsible solutions against high-risk situations. In this context, Texfire's...
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Texfire participates in the conference on fire safety in lithium batteries, held at the Valdemoro Fire Station.

On May 9th, Texfire participated in an event focused on the risks associated with lithium batteries and the different safety solutions available to control and extinguish fires that can occur in different types of...
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New range of welding protection products

Texfire prioritizes quality and safety in the manufacture of its technical fabrics, as well as attention to detail in the confection of its products. This work philosophy is reflected in the new special catalogue for...
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Changes in the labeling and packaging of Texfire product families

In Europe, there is a regulatory framework based on ISO standards that covers all types of products, providing guidelines for both manufacturing and performance. However, this regulatory framework does not encompass...
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Texfire en Metoree

At Texfire, we are pleased to announce that our products, recognized for their quality and effectiveness in the high-temperature and flame protection sector, have been selected to be featured on the Metoree platform.
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Flame retardant undershirt, protection for welders and firefighters

Why use flame-resistant undershirts in a welding workshop or a forest fire?Fire Protection: Flame-resistant undershirts provide an additional fire-resistant protection against fire and flames prior to direct contact...
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Types of closures for thermal insulation textiles or other technical garments

The fasteners used as closures in industrial textile manufacturing are a crucial part of their design and construction. Choosing the right component can facilitate, to a greater or lesser extent, easy and fast...
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Why do textile insulation materials help save energy?

The use of textile insulation materials in various industrial applications can provide significant benefits in terms of energy savings and, consequently, cost reduction.
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