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Economic fire blankets for welding copper tubes with blowtorch are tailored with NT Preox 500AL fabric. This fabric, manufactured by Texfire, is composed by a non-woven fabric of pre-carbonized fibers and aluminized on one side, with a layer of 12 aluminium microns. Pre-carbonized fibers (plush typed) have a good behavior in direct contact with the blowtorch’s flame and perform as a thermal insulator. The aluminium of the other side performs as a kind of thermal shield and avoids temperature transference, boosting the blanket’s thermal insulation.

Texfire commercializes this welding blanket in a 3 unit pack. The width of each blanket is 4,5 mm and each unit measures 30x20 cm. It stands out because of its lightness, with a total weight of only 33 gr., it has enough flexibility and adaptability to be placed between the copper tubes and the wall, or in other reduced areas where blowtorch welding is going to be performed. Despite its lightness, this fire blanket can withstand temperatures up to 300ºC in continuous works arriving to 700ºC in working peaks.

It’s used by placing the aluminized side in contact with the surface to be protected, so that the plush type side (the black colored one) is the one exposed to the contact with the blowtorch’s flame. It can be used both vertically and horizontally indifferently. In addition, each blanket can be used on multiple welding operations and thanks to their size and weight, they are easy to transport.

NT PREOX 500AL fabric, which is used to tailor this welding blanket for copper tubes, has been tested in internal laboratories according to regulation UNE EN ISO 6942 - Protection against heat and fire -, obtaining a C3 result. And according to regulation UNE EN ISO 9151 - Determination of heat transmission when being exposed to a flame -, with a B1 result.

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Data sheet

Data sheet

Convective heat
ISO 9151 | B1
Radiant heat
ISO 6942 | C4
Smoke class
NF F 16-101 | F2 class
Fire reaction
NF P 92 503 | M1 class
Flame propagation
ISO 15025 | A1 - A2
Heat resistance
ISO 17493 | 180 ºC: Approved
Combustion spread
ISO 3795 | 0

  • Resists continuous temperatures of 300ºC and peak temperatures of 700ºC.
  • Flexible and pliable, blanket’s width 4,5 mm.
  • Very light, only 33 gr.
  • Blanket which performs as a heat insulator and a thermal shield.
  • Can be used more than once.
  • Does not fray.
  • Does not contain fibers that can be irritating to the operator.

  • Welding blanket for copper tubes.
  • Thermal shield before very focused heat sources.
  • Plumbing.
  • Air conditioning.
  • Heaters.
  • Installers.

  • Use the blowtorch against the black fiber side.
  • Can be cut easily with scissors.
  • Do not use alcohol, solvents or detergents to wash it. Flammable rests can remain.
  • Validate its status before each use.
  • Product without expiration date, its features are inherent and permanent.
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