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Texfire offers its customers the chance of tailoring custom-made fire retardant carpets according to the dimensions or drawing provided by clients. The maximum size we can tailor is up 150 cm wide per 10 meters long. In addition, carpets can be tailored basing in two flame retardant fabrics, depending on whether the carpet will have an indoor (chimneys) or outdoor (barbecues) use. This carpet is sewn with Nomex® flame retardant thread and finished with a reinforcement bias in all its perimeter.

Texfire also can tailor flame retardant carpets in special shapes, like, for instance, in an “L” or a “U” shape. In order to trade this kind of carpets, it is necessary to send a dimensioned drawing to and our sales department will get in contact with the customer.

Custom-made flame retardant carpets for indoor use are suitable to protect wooden floors, parquet, laminate, or stoneware floors. The used fabric is WELD SX, a multi-layered fabric composed by an E-Glass fibreglass fabric with a black silicone finishing for high temperatures which is able to contain sparks, embers, or ashes. The inferior side incorporates a plush-type fabric that performs as a thermal barrier, reducing heat transference notably.

Tailor-made flame retardant carpets food outdoor use are tailored with WELS2 fabric. A fabric composed by fibreglass and a silicone coating for high temperatures on both sides. This fabric is waterproof and can be used on both sides. This type of carpets are designed to protect stone floors, stoneware, or grass (not artificial grass).

Texfire recommends removing incandescent fragments that fall on top of the carpet as soon as possible, since a very long exposition will not prevent heat transference, and may harm the floor.

WELD SX and WELS2 fabrics are certified in 2020 with regulation UNE 23727 - Reaction to fire of building materials -. WELD SX obtains an M2 classification and WELS2 an M1 classification. They also meet regulation EN ISO 9150 - Behaviour of materials about the impact of small melted metal splashes - obtaining a Class 2 classification in the case of WELD SX fabric and a Class 1 classification in WELS2 fabric.


Indoor carpet for chimneys and stoves

  • Thickness 2,5 mm.
  • Inherent flame retardant fabric.
  • Resists embers, sparks, and ashes.
  • Thermal insulator, it delays heat transference.
  • Can be washed with a wet cloth (do not use vacuums).
  • Light and flexible, easy to handle and store.
  • Reinforced with bias on its perimeter.
  • Sewn with black flame retardant thread.
  • Suitable for parquet, wooden, laminated and stoneware floors.

Outdoor carpet for barbecues and braziers

  • Thickness 2,1 mm.
  • Inherent flame retardant fabric.
  • Resists embers, sparks, and ashes.
  • Waterproof.
  • Can be used on both sides.
  • Can be washed with a wet cloth.
  • Light and flexible, easy to handle and store.
  • Reinforced with bias on its perimeter.
  • Sewn with black flame retardant thread.
  • Suitable for stone floors, stoneware, and grass (not artificial grass).


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Data sheet

Data sheet

Convective heat
ISO 9151 | B1
Radiant heat
ISO 6942 | C1
Traction resistance
EN 13934-1 | Warp 2700 N ± 10% Weft 1700 N ± 10%
Flame propagation
ISO 15025 | A1-A2
Melted metal splashes
EN ISO 9150 / EN 11611 | CLASS 2
EN ISO 9185 | E3/D3
Water penetration resistance
UNE 23727 | M2
Abrasion Resistance
ISO 12947-2 | 20.000 CYCLES
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very good
rating 5
great product ...
rating 5
Quick delivery
rating 5
Must have in your home
rating 5
It is necessary to spare emergency fire-retardant shields at home to avoid danger and unnecessary losses.
I love it
rating 5
This blanket, did just as good for about the same weight but lots more flexibility in my backpack. Rolled up, it even doubled as a pillow.
Good product
rating 5
I am going to use this to wrap my Little Chef smoker... I'm planning on ordering another one to use in my garage.
Appears to be well made
rating 5
Amazing product for the price. I using it for an insulation blanket for my pellet smoker's in cold weather. I would recommend this product because of its quality. Thank you!!
Great price
rating 5
Great for the smoker
Great product
rating 4
Great purchase for me. As I used this blanket while lighting my fireplace to ensure that nothing would spark out on my carpet.
Grill blanket
rating 5
Have laid it across the wood railing behind my smoker. Hope I never need it. Looks like it will do the trick, though.
Welding blanket does it's job, well!
rating 4
Nice product, the material is thick and feels like good quality. I’m using it as a flame/ heat barrier to protect my deck from embers from the barbecue.


  • Barbecues.
  • Braziers.
  • Gas stoves.
  • Flint stoves.
  • Chimneys.


  • Always use the shiny area in exposition to sparks (Weld SX).
  • It can be washed using a wet cloth.
  • Never use alcohol, solvents, or detergents to clean it.
  • Do not rub, brush or vacuum.
  • It is recommended to store it by rolling it with the provided elastic band, in order to increase the carpet’s lifespan.
  • Remove, as soon as possible, all incandescent fragments that may fall on top of the carpet.

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