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Texfire’s flame retardant fire blanket has CE marking and European certification UNE EN 1869, designed and manufactured in Barberá del Vallès (Spain), it is a fire protective element. It can perform as an element to suffocate small fires, or as a thermal barrier of personal safety to cover people and avoid burns during an evacuation or escaping process from the fire area.

Unlike conventional fire blankets, made out of fiberglass, Texfire’s fire blanket is made of the non-fabric NT PREOX 200 of pre-carbonized fibers, which perform as a barrier against fire; thanks to its inherent flame retardant features and its good performance in front of a direct contact with flames (does not burn, nor melt or leak). Fibers used in this blanket do not irritate skin, and its fiber-bonded structure turns it into a soft, light and flexible blankets, easing its handling.

The blanket’s contour is finished with an overlock sewing of Nomex® meta-aramid red flame retardant thread. It also incorporates two handles in order to ease its extraction in case of emergency. The blanket is totally reversible and can be used indistinctly on both sides. It includes use, maintenance and folding instructions. Available in 3 sizes.

All flame retardant fire blankets manufactured by Texfire are valid, according to regulatory requirements, for 20 years since their production, even though the blanket’s fabric keeps its flame retardant features during all its useful life.

This blanket is presented inside a transparent plastic bag, and it’s conceived to replace an already used flame retardant blanket, it’s a spare product.


  • Flame retardant fire blanket certified with European regulation UNE EN 1869.
  • Very high LOI 45-50%.
  • Thermal and acoustic insulator.
  • Light, flexible, malleable.
  • Preox fibers don’t irritate skin. Free of asbestos.
  • Finishing with Nomex® red flame retardant thread.
  • Retro-reflective arrows for situations of low visibility due to the smoke.
  • Inherent flame retardant, does not burn, nor melt or leak.
  • Intrinsic features of the fibers, their features don’t decrease over time.
  • Its certification has a validity of 20 years.  (see year of production in the case)
  • Designed and manufactured in Texfire’s facilities in Barberà del Vallès.


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Fabric data sheet

Data sheet

Effectivity against fire
UNE EN 1869:1997 | PASS
European Market
UNE EN 1869:1997 | PASS


  • Catering and industrial kitchens.
  • Hostelry and camps.
  • Fire brigades and security services.
  • Automotive and transports.
  • Laboratories.
  • Pharmaceuticals and chemistries.
  • Construction.
  • Theaters and big events.
  • Particular use, to store in the kitchen or in the car.


  • Place the blanket in a place that is reachable and accessible in case of fire.
  • Do not install it on a place likely to ignite.
  • After its installation, check that the blanket can be released smoothly.
  • Do not vacuum, brush or rub, fibers can be released.
  • Not recommended for welding or cutting works.
  • It can mark white surfaces.
  • Place it in covered areas; cases or cabinets are not impermeable.
  • Avoid to submit the fabric to traction, tearing or shearing forces.
  • Check the blanket’s status once a year.
  • EN 1869/1997 Specifies that flame retardant fire blankets ARE NOT reusable and are expected for a single use.
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