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Power company workers are exposed to multiple risks. The largest of these is the electric arc (plasma explosion), although PPE fabrics also have to protect them against other risks such as flames, heat, splashes of molten metal and ultraviolet light.

This is one of the industrial sectors where the fabrics of personal protective equipment play a determining role in the protection of workers.

To meet the requirements, Texfire has designed multi-standard and permanent flame retardant fabrics to protect against electric arcs, fire, sparks and static electricity. 

Multi-norm fabric. Light and very comfortable, it protects against multiple risks.

Composition: 54% MA   44% CO   2% AT
Confection: Jackets, trousers or worker's overalls.
Weigth: 245 gr/m² ±5%
Width: 152 cm ±5%
Featured: Protection against electric arc, sparks, fire and flames

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