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MARKO AT395 fabric has been designed to tailor personal protective equipment (PPE) on multiple industrial sectors. It offers great protection against fire and sparks, offering a high level of comfort at the same time.

Its inherent flame retardant fibers and cotton blend ensures its features during its whole useful life, independently of its use or washes. In addition, they confer it a soft touch that guarantees workers comfort. Among its qualities, it stands out because of its resistance to flame, splashes of melted iron/steel and sparks caused from welding, and its antistatic features.

MARKO AT395 fabric is a very versatile fabric, suitable to tailor all kind of garments, it is mainly used to tailor trousers and jackets for PPEs in multiple industrial sectors like; energy companies, security services, welding, or petrochemical companies… It is also widely used to tailor protection clothes for firework shows, “balls de diables” or “correfocs”, because it protects from sparks and fire coming from firework gadgets, wheelbarrows, and firecrackers. It withstands because of its resistance to fire, and thanks to its grammage of 415g/m2, it avoids that sparks penetrate in the internal layers, ensuring protection.

Certified with European regulations EN ISO 11612 - Protection clothing against heat and flames. It obtains a Class 1 classification according to EN 11611 - Protection clothes used during welding and related techniques. It also meets regulation EN 1149-3 - Electrostatic features, and with European regulations EN 61482-1-2 and EN 61482-1-1 and the American regulation ASTM F1959/F - Protection clothes against the thermal dangers of an electric arc.

MARKO AT395 offers great solidity when washing, both for domestic washes (EN 6330) as in industrial laundries (EN ISO 15797), ensuring the same level of protection.  

Available in color blue marine. For orders over 300mt, a color study case can be performed, and the fabric can be offered in a custom color.  


  • Fabric’s grammage 415 g/m² and useful width of 152 cm, twill ligament.
  • Antistatic features that protect from a possible deflagration caused by a static shock.
  • Suitable to tailor personal protection garments. Mainly jackets and trousers.  
  • Technical flame retardant fabric for “balls de diables” and “correfocs”
  • Fabric used to protect from sparks coming from fireworks.  
  • Light and flexible fabric, easy to handle, it does not fray when being cut with scissors. Easy to sew.  
  • Soft and pleasant touch, with good breathability and high comfort.
  • Its permanent flame retardant features do not decrease with use nor washes. It does not expire.  
  • Multistandard fabric, suitable for a wide range of industries. 
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  • Technical fabric to tailor flame retardant jackets and trousers.  
  • Multistandard technical fabric to tailor PPEs.
  • Technical flame retardant fabric for “correfocs”.
  • Technical flame retardant fabric for firework shows.
  • Flame retardant fabric for “balls de diables.”
  • Flame retardant fabric for welding.
  • Flame retardant fabric for power companies.
  • Flame retardant fabric for chemical and petrochemical industries.
  • Flame retardant fabric for the electric arc.
  • Flame retardant fabric for gas industries.
  • Flame retardant fabric for renewable energy industries.
  • Flame retardant fabric for Atex areas.
  • Flame retardant fabric for catenaries.
  • Flame retardant fabric for shipbuilding industries.
  • Flame retardant fabric for cement factories (not in cyclone towers).


  • Fireworks.
  • Power companies.
  • Petrochemical industry.
  • Chemical industry.
  • Gas industry.
  • Renewable power industry.
  • Automotive.
  • Atex areas.
  • Welding.
  • Shipbuilding industry.
  • Catenaries.


  • Washing instructions:

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