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The closure system with grommets for leggings includes 3 attachment parts; the auto-blocking grommet, the nail, and the grommet with hook. This set of elements is used as a holding system for springs or wires, with the aim of fixing the different fabric layers and perform as a closure system of the lagging or other industrial textile confection. The three elements are made of stainless steel, a material that offers a great mechanical resistance in front of high temperatures.

The grommet with a hook is designed to place a spring or a wire, and it’s usually used for industrial confection of different elements like: thermal cases, textile insulators for compensators, valves, pipes, thermal mats, insulating pillows or other leggings.

This holding system is often installed on the ends of the lagging, placing a grommet with hook in the cold side and the auto-blocking grommet in the hot side. The nail of 120 mm is introduced from the cold side, going through all the fabric’s layers, up to the hot side where the auto-blocking grommet is. Once the system is placed, the loose end of the nail must be tightened and folded, ensuring its holding. According to the thickness of the lagging’s fabrics, the nail will jut out more or less, in any case, it is recommended to cut the loose end to avoid scratching or harming the hot surface.


  • Auto-blocking grommet: Total diameter = 25 mm.  Interior hole diameter = 1.5 mm.
  • Nail: Diameter = 1.5 mm. Long = 120 mm.
  • Grommet with hook: Total diameter = 25 mm.  Interior hole diameter = 1.5 mm.
  • Steel type = Aisi-304. Silver coloured.
  • Suitable for all kind of leggings and thermal cases.
  • High mechanical resistance and to high temperatures.
  • Grommet system suitable for tension springs and wire.
  • Easy to install and replace.
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This pack contains
Fabric data sheet


  • Thermal case.
  • Thermal spread.
  • Laggings.
  • Insulating mat.
  • Thermal textile coating.
  • Other industrial textile solutions.


  • Naval.
  • Chemical and petrochemical.
  • Construction.
  • Maintenance.
  • Boilermaking.
  • Railway.
  • Plumbing.


  • Place the auto-blocking grommet on the hot side of the lagging and the grommet with a hook on the cold side.
  • Cut and curve the loose end of the nail, in order to avoid scratching the hot side.  
  • Place the nail down until its head fits in the whole of the grommet with a hook.
  • Place more than one adjusting system, according to the lagging sizing.

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