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Textile accessories for the welder. Elements or accessories of the operator's clothing, which provide direct protection to the welder. This whole line of products is made with premium quality inherent flame retardant fabrics manufactured by Texfire. The accessories such as the thread of the seams or the trimmings, are also fire retardant. These fabrics are designed to offer high levels of comfort and breathability. The hood, the neckwear, the welder's bandana and the weld apron are some examples of the TEXFIRE accessories.

NAPE AND HEAD PROTECTOR FOR WELDING WORKS. Texfire’s flame retardant hood provides direct protection in front of incandescent projections coming from welding or cutting works. Tailored with MARKO® inherent flame...
FLAME RETARDANT LONG SLEEVE T-SHIRT. Flame retardant long sleeve, rounded neck and elastic cuffs t-shirts have been designed as a handle t-shirt to protect before sparks or incandescent splashes during welding...
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FIRE RESISTANT · BREATHABLE · COMFORTABLE Texfire's flame retardant bandana is tailored with MARKO® flame retardant fabric, widely used in PPE's (Personal protection equipments) in petrochemical, power and steel...
COMFORTABLE AND LIGHT WELDING SLEEVES. Welding sleeves T400 are made with Texfire’s exclusive flame retardant fabric Weld T400 to protect arms from sparks and incandescent projections coming from welding tasks,...
VERY LIGHT AND COMFORTABLE FIRE RESISTANT APRON FOR WELDER. Weld T400 welding apron has been designed to protect the body from sparks and incandescent particles coming from welding tasks derived from welding...
FLAME RETARDANT NAPE PROTECTOR FOR WELDING. This flame retardant welding nape shield is made with Weld T400 fabric, Texfire’s exclusive, resistant to sparks and welding projections. Weld T400 fabric is a flame...
COMFORTABLE AND ULTRA-LIGHT HOOD FOR WELDING. This flame retardant hood for welders is designed to protect head, neck, and shoulders during welding tasks. This hood is produced with Weld T400 fabric, inherent flame...
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