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A preox non-woven fabric can be the solution


Oxidized polyacrylonitrile fiber Preox, also named Panox, is an oxidized polyacrylonitrile fiber (PAN), a flame retardant material that has many features applied to different sectors. The great qualities Preox has are that it does not burn, nor melt, nor drip and stands out for its LOI. It is an standard in textile industry recognized internationally as non flammable textile fibers.

Preox can be used in many different fields as an effective protection against fire and heat.

Out oxidized fibers PAN are extremely versatile and can be used easily on a wide range of different textile processes to produce economic, fireproof and insulating high performance fabrics.
Nowadays in our daily life we find the need to be more protected, for instance if we travel by train,  seats must be flame retardant, the stuffing or inner lining of the furnishing the seat has is composed by Preox fibers, to avoid flame spreading in case of fire.

On the other hand, in case of a fire we don’t always have an extinguisher near, we need flame retardant fire blankets made out of preox which are used to fight against fire connates and avoid possible burns during the fire evacuation process.

In Texfire we have a fabric of pre-oxidized fibers, Preox 200 and Preox 500 , meant to offer the ideal features in case of fire, either as a lining as well as a blanket. It’s a flame retardant fabric, allowing an easy confection and adaptation. Presented in roll format of 24 meters or in footage, starting with 5 meters.