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Fabrics for pyrotechnic shows and fireworks


Texfire presents a family of technical fabrics, for the protection of worms and sparks from pyrotechnic devices such as flares, wheelbarrows and firecrackers that are used in cultural celebrations and fireworks shows.

They are inherent flame-retardant fabrics, it means that the fire resistance properties are provided by the fibers used and therefore remain in the fabric throughout its useful life, regardless of the washes it undergoes.

We offer lightweight fire retardant fabrics of less than 400gsm

The fabrics that are currently used are usually with high grammages of more than 600 grams / m2, being therefore heavy, rigid and uncomfortable fabrics. In addition, on many occasions the fabric requires a flame-retardant chemical finish, to have fire resistance properties. This treatment is applied superficially, and with the washes the fire-retardant properties diminish, until it becomes a conventional fabric. This forces to treat the fabric several times throughout its useful life.

At Texfire we offer a range of technical fabrics of around 400 grams / m2, tested with different types of pyrotechnics, to make garments for cultural fire shows (“correfocs”) or pyrotechnic shows.

Marko® is a multinorm technical fabric that is used in multiple industrial sectors due to its wide range of protection. Marko® family fabrics have been developed for personal protective equipment (PPE) like security forces, petrochemical, electrical, gas, welding and chemical workers. Its qualities include flame resistance and antistatic properties (EN 1149). Its composition based on modacrylic, cotton and antistatic fibers, guarantees the properties of this technical fabric throughout the life of the garment, in addition to offering a high level of comfort and convenience.

In this type of application, in extreme or accidental conditions if the ignition source is very close and there is a long-term exposure, the fabric can degrade, tear and even make small holes if the spark is very thick, but in all cases the fabric burns out by itself.

There is no standard to certify fabrics for this type of application, but at Texfire we have an internal quality control laboratory to analyze the properties of our products.