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Aluminized fabric for marquees and tents


In the indoor plant growing sector, or in motor competitions, where a  preheating of the tires is required, some tents or marquees with an aluminised interior are used. This interior aluminized layer allows to maintain the temperature for much time and especially, radiant heat waves, much more concentrated on the interior, obtaining better results.

Safety is an important topic in these applications. In the case of a tent for indoor cultivation, like a preheating marquee, we work with resistors and electric wires, spotlights and high-powered lights that give radiation and raise the temperature, many times there are also irrigation systems with water. The risk of a fire connate, derived from an overheating of the spotlight, by an electric short circuit or because a resistor enters in a too long contact with any element, is more than evident. 
There are multiple fabrics in the marketplace that are available for the construction of this type of thermal dwellings, but there are not always the most suitable, nor give the desired results.

Key factors to choose a suitable fabric for aluminized marquees and tents are: A flame retardant fabric. The aluminized side, must have a significative reflection of radiant heat, not being just one pigment in aluminised colour.


Texfire has developed an aluminized fabric, MINIAL50, thought to offer the ideal features in aluminized fabrics for cultivation marquees or tents. It is a flame retardant fabric, allowing an easy compilation. It is presented in a roll format of 24mts long or in footage, starting with 5 meters.
MINIAL 50 fabric has a reflection capacity of the 95% of the heat it receives.