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This range of fire resistant fabrics has been developed for the protection of sparks from fireworks such as flares, wheelbarrows and firecrackers that are used in some cultural celebrations and shows.

They are inherently flame retardant fabrics, which means that the flame retardant properties are specific to the fibers used and therefore remain in the fabric throughout its useful life, regardless of use and washing. These fabrics are also pleasant to the touch, providing a high comfort feeling.

Very versatile fabric suitable for all types of garments. It stands out for its resistance to fire, preventing sparks from penetrating the internal layers.

Composition: 54% MA   44% CO   2% AT
Confection: Shirts, pants...
Weigth: 415 gr/m² ±5%
Width: 152 cm ±5%
Featured: Its grammage prevents sparks from penetrating into the inner layers

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