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Foundries work under extreme conditions and the different work areas that exist require highly specialized solutions: melting furnaces, casting lines, electrolytic tanks, rolling mills, etc.

Each space has its risks and therefore it is necessary to use specialized technical fabrics that offer adequate protection against each risk.

Thanks to close collaboration with customers, at Texfire we can design and manufacture protective fabrics for foundries with specific technical characteristics and especially to offer protection against molten metal splashes and radiant heat.

Very light fabric. Repels splashes of molten metal, preventing it from adhering to the fabric. 

Composition: 60% CV FR   20% WO   10% PA           10% TENCEL                                                           Confection: Shirts, jackets and pants.
Weigth: 310 gr/m² ±5%
Width: 162 cm ±5%
Featured: Very light and comfortable fabric with great protection against high temperatures

Protection against large splashes of molten metal.

: 50% CV FR   30% WO   20% PA
Confection: Jackets and pants.
Weigth: 365 gr/m² ±5%
Width: 160 cm ±5%
Featured: Good protection against high temperatures