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Flame retardant curtains

WELS2 fabric for flame retardant curtains, the best classification according to UNE-EN 13773

Fires inside houses or buildings spread very fast. A small flame is able to fill a whole big area with a dense black smoke or surround it in flames in less than a minute. It only needs to find enough combustion...
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Aluminized fabric for marquees and tents

In the indoor plant growing sector, or in motor competitions, where a  preheating of the tires is required, some tents or marquees with an aluminised interior are used. This interior aluminized layer allows to...
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How to choose a good welding curtain?

Welding curtain: Flame retardant protection of the working area Screens functions: separation of areas and security signalling. ISO 9185: Fabric's resistance before melted metal splashes. An optimal calculation of...
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Flame retardant: Does it not burn or does it delay fire?

They are materials that are more resistant to fire, "ignis" in Latin fire, together with the suffix -fugo.
 The word flame retardant comes from Latin roots and means "fire-retardant". It is formed by the Latin word...
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Functions of screens: space separations and safety signs

Take advantage offered by the screen's function to create privacy in an area is what makes that Texfire has developed a new range of security products, protection screens against electric arc and radiant heat....
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