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Flame retardant blankets

Fire blankets in police cars

Basic element for security forces and public order in some communities of the country. Equip police cars with basic safety elements and include among other articles a fire blanket, is adopting more than safety...
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5 reasons to have a fire blanket in hotels

Hotels have many features to take into account when making a risk analysis, not only because of the number of people that come together there, counting guests and hotel's personnel, but also because of the number of...
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Advantages of fire blankets in restaurant kitchens

The fire blankets, designed under regulation UNE – EN 1869 / 1997, are blankets that meet the requisites of non-reusable flame retardant blankets and foreseen for a single person use and essentially destined to...
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Fire blankets as complements of extinguishers

Parting from the principle of the best performance before a fire is to avoid its happening, fire blankets are assigned with the extinguishers' complement category and any other type of system device against a fire.
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Fire blankets as a complement for chimneys

The Fire blankets could be used by any person, so it is recommended to always have one next to your chimney.
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Fire blankets as a system against fires

Fire blankets are an active protection system against fires that could be used in any sector and by any person.
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What is a fire blanket?

When listening to the word fire blanket it is easy to think of a blanket, as a coat garment, with certain properties of protection against fire able to withstand some determined ignition sources without flaming nor...
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10 reasons to have a fire blanket

Defined as a safety element, flame retardant blankets also known as fire blankets, are used to fight against fire connotes and avoid possible burns during the evacuation process of a fire. The specific regulation of...
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Fire blankets to protect Easter

After suffering a fright during Holy Monday's procession in San Fernando, Cadiz, where the fire of Ecce-Hommo passage due to wind, civil protection Chief, Miguel Téllez, recommends fire blankets for fellowships and...
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What is a fire blanket for?

Not everyone knows the different applications that a fire blanket could have. A priori, we could think that a blanket is used to cover when is cold, and if also is flame resistant, it also protect us against fire. And...
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