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Buy flame resistant blankets, marking CE or China Export: a very common confusion


Did you know fire blankets aren't subjected to European marking CE?

Confusion resides in the similarity in their logos, where in the case of CE (China Export) logo the distance between letters is reduced if we compare with CE (European Conformity) symbol, with brings to bad interpretations of their meanings.

CE Brand / European Conformity

Known as product's passport or ID inside the European Union, CE marking as a European symbol, is a conformity indicator of a product under European legislation. Directive 93/68 EEC.

The product doesn't necessarily need to be created in Europe, this seal credits that the product has been evaluated before being introduced and commercialized in European space, so it could be sold inside European marked, it is the responsibility and conformity declaration of a product that includes all the legal requisites of European commerce requires, hence its name CE MARKING.

CE Brand / China Export

It is a similar brand and logo to European stamp, but its initials define Chinese exportation market CE (China Export, made in China), manufacturer won't compromise with European standards, it only identifies its manufacturing precedence, some Chinese exporters use it to commercialize their products, that it has anything in common with CE marking (European Conformity).

In the case of flame retardant blankets, after several consultations to different textile laboratories, Texfire Tèxtils Tècnics certifies that there is not any particular rule for the certification of personal protective equipments specific PID's directive for flame retardant blankets, and it is so that the product doesn't belong to classification as personal protection equipment.

The only regulation that fire blanket must meet is UNE EN1869/1997, that certifies this product as manual equipment for the protection against fires, a regulation that buyers of this security element must demand.

                         Note: Note that words in CE (China Export) symbol are closer than in CE (European Conformity) logo.

Due to this reason flame retardant blankets regardless of its fabric's composition:

  • Fiberglass.
  • Pre carbonized.
  • Etc.

Doesn't need CE marking (European Conformity) as a conformity indicator with EU's legislation nor CE (China Export) marking, but it could be possible they must have this last symbol CE (China Export), if they had been imported to that country.

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