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RAPEX informs about fiberglass flame retardant blankets market withdrawal


Existing alerts inform that some fiberglass blankets doesn't meet regulation: EN 1869

According to newsletter Report 51, published: 26/12/2014, of RAPEX (*), a series of fiberglass flame retardant blankets brands are listed as NO USE and market WITHDRAWAL under this European entity by not meeting norms and certifications of regulation UNE EN 1869/ 1997. RAPEX's inform that talks about fiberglass flame retardant blankets.

The common risk factor of these blankets is that they do not arrive to stop fires caused by kitchen oil, precisely one of the test that blankets are submitted in order to be homologized as fire blanket.

Brands of fiberglass flame retardant blankets that, according RAPEX, are being withdrawn from market:

  • Alecto, Berki, Brennenstuhl, Elro, Fireblitz, Saval, Chinese origin.
  • Bavaria, Fito, British origin.
  • Gloria, German origin.
  • Smeba, Irish origin.

Over this incident, some websites of commercial areas have alerted their customers about the withdrawal of the product and in the case of having acquired a fiberglass flame retardant blanket with these features or brand, bring it back to any brand's establishment, that will pay back the full import of their purchase even in the case of losing the purchase receipt. The important in these cases is that the product IS NOT USED and the defective product is

The risk of acquiring a defective flame retardant blanket is latent in market, we must be forewarned when buying them, demanding manufacturers and/or distributors that we could obtain a conformity declaration from manufacturers as a security warrant of the product.

Texfire has developed a flame retardant fabric that doesn't contain fiberglass, which its fire blankets are tailors and are also certified by AITEX Textile Technological Institute, in official laboratories credited in Spain for the specific test performance that this kind of flame retardant blankets require.

RAPEX (Rapid Alert System for Non food) is EU Rapid Alert System for non-food consumables, nor pharmaceutics or medicament and for the sake of customer protection, includes:

  • Clothes.
  • Footwear.
  • Cosmetics.
  • Jewelry.
  • Toys.

with potentially harmful ingredients or quality or even products with technical failures, electric devices that show an electric shock or ignition risk. This information could be taken into action by local authorities as well as voluntary action from own manufacturers or distributors.

Directive of products' general security 2001/95 / CE (DSGP), in force since January 15th 2004, is RAPEX platform.

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