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Flame retardant carpets, the perfect complement for barbecues and chimneys

Fire carpets decorate and protect our environment from fire Carpets are tailored fabrics used to cover the floor of a room, especially on winter. If also these carpets are flame retardant, we could also use them to...
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Flame retardant carpet or floor protector?

Flame retardant floor protector, a special carpet. When we talk about carpets, we associate the, among other functions, to a floor protector by its elemental role of protecting the floor where it is placed,...
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Types of fusion welding: Oxyacetilene, Electric and Laser

Metal welding and its general processes. As we had treated in the September's post DO YOU KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN HETEROGENEOUS, HOMOGENEOUS AND/OR AUTOGENOUS WELDING? Fusion welding or simply metal wlding, is a...
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The regulation UNE EN ISO 11611 certifies the protection clothes for welding and connected techniques. To certify this regulation, those garments must be submitted to a series of laboratory test in order to check if...
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Why do you need a barbecue carpet?

An economic and easy way to prevent a fire or that ambers damage teak or wooden floors in a barbecue, is by using an special barbecue flame retardant carpet.
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New semicircular flame retardant carpet . 4 aspects to know

Flame retardant carpets:  Protective, safe and functional complement for chimneys and heaters. Now you can find in the market a semicircular flame retardant carpet, a design which Texfire wants to satisfy the demand...
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Flame retardant thermic covers for barrels: safety and energy savings

As we already know, thermal insulation is a fact to take into account when reducing power cosumption, in every economic field. Every sector develops its own solutions to get energy efficiency itself.
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3 Reasons to have a flame retardant carpet in front of the chimney

Winter is a synonym of cold, home, family and, of course, chimneys and stoves. Nowadays there are very efficient systems to keep a comfortable temperature at home, for instance, gas heating or underfloor heating, even...
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Aluminized fabric for marquees and tents

In the indoor plant growing sector, or in motor competitions, where a  preheating of the tires is required, some tents or marquees with an aluminised interior are used. This interior aluminized layer allows to...
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Flame retardant blankets: Sectors of aplication

Due to the nature of the tasks done in laboraotries, emergencies caused by spills, splashes or fire connates can be caused easily, so action and protection items are needed to control these situations. Experience...
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