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ISO 9185: Fabric resistance against splashes of melted metal


ISO 9185 European Regulation to evaluate the resistance of welding and foundry clothing

To certify this regulation, the garments or flame retardant fabrics used to tailor workwear for welders and operators in foundries, which are tested must meet the requisites of resistance to small splashes of melted metal. The level of protection is measured on the basis of the quantity of melted metal that the flame retardant fabric is able to resist without damaging a testimonial PVC membrane, that simulates human skin.

The test is done through the dumping of amounts of melted metals over the sample backed in a surface disposed in a determined angle. The damage is evaluated through the PVC sample, which is examined to note the changes in the membrane. In addition, if there is some metal attached to the fabric's surface is also noted.

The test is repeated in order to determine the minimum amount that damages the PVC film.

Fundición de acero

Their results are determined after a visual test that will have 4 aspects into account:

  • Carbonization.
  • Shrinkage.
  • Metal attachment.
  • Perforation.

Giving a value from 1 to 5 in each category and, at last, collect data of the calorimeter during 45 seconds, where the necessary time to reach the maximum temperature transferred through the fabric will be also calculated. Hereunder, the different test conditions for each kind of metal are exposed:

 Aluminum  Copper  Iron
Metal fusion temperature   1400ºF (760ºC)   2100ºF (1149ºC)   2800ºF (1538ºC)
Dumping angle   70º   70º   70º
Height   305 mm   305 mm   305 mm

The test concludes with the determination of the degree of protection of the fireproof fabric tested according to the melted metal mass that is able to withstand. For example, in the case of aluminum, the three levels of protections are determined under the following grammages. Value D shows the level of protection.

 Level of protection Melted aluminum (ºC)
 Minimum  Maximum
 D1  100 gr  <200 gr
 D2  200 gr  <350 gr
D3  350 gr

Texfire has a range of welding complements that meet the regulation UNE-EN ISO 9185.