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Fire blankets as a system against fires


Fire blankets are an active protection system against fires that could be used in any sector and by any person.

Protection systems against fires are all those available measures and products to act against fire. With all those we want to:

  • Save human lives.
  • Minimize economic losses caused in fires.
  • Reach that activities, personal as well as professional, could be restarted with the maximum possible briefness.

We could distinguish between two groups of systems against fires: Passive and active.

The Passive systems are all those that help to rapid people's evacuation during a fire.

  • In construction: Corridors wideness, evacuation staircases, firewall doors, flame retardant paints...
  • In general: Walls, roofs and walls resistant to fire's action and materials with flame retardant coating.
  • In companies: Evacuation plans included in risk prevention manuals, employees training regarding an evacuation plan...

The Active systems are also divided in three main groups:

  • Detection systems: Automatic smoke, flame or heat detectors (bell that could be activated manually by anyone if a fire connote is seen.
  • Alert and signalling systems: They advise us through bells or loudspeaker systems and mark emergency exits with green signs. Also, all emergency lights that light corridors to exits in the case of an electric fail. And automatic systems that call firefighters.
  • Extinction systems: Manual extinguishers that could be made out of water, dust, foam or carbonic snow, fire hydrants, sprinkler systems, that could be used manually or automatically, and fire blankets, used to easily stop fire connotes.

The use of fire blankets doesn't require of any specific training because it is very easy to use by any persona and in addition is not only used to suffocate small fires but also could be used as personal protection during the evacuation process of a fire.

Fire blankets are obligatory in some professional sectors and recommended in many others that include them in their labor risk prevention manuals. As well as in professional kitchens, laboratories, power plants, storage facilities, ADR vehicles... We also recommend the use of fire blanket for particular uses (car, caravan, kitchen...).

*Make sure that the fire blanket you acquire meets the regulation UNE EN 1869:1997*

Companies interested in Texfire's flame retardant products range could contact us in through our contact form.

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