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Fire blanket’s instructions of use


Down below we will explain how to correctly use a fire blanket, because, although being very easy to use and useful to stop any fire type, a bad use of fire blankets could put into risk the user's safety as well as its surroundings.

Is very important that you follow all the steps shown in the instructions of use:

  1. Pull downwards simultaneously from the two pullers that stand out from packaging to remove the blanket.
  2. Display completely the fire blanket.
  3. Use the pullers to protect you hands, turning inwards the fire blanket.
  4. Put the fire blanket before your body to protect from fire.
  5. Cover the fire or roll the affected person with the fire blanket.
  6. Don't take the blanket back after 20 minutes minimum.
  7. Once used the blanket, discard it and replace it with a new one.

IMPORTANT: in case of using fire blankets to stop a fire provoked in kitchens, turn off the heat source administer first.

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