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Fire blankets to protect Easter


After suffering a fright during Holy Monday's procession in San Fernando, Cadiz, where the fire of Ecce-Hommo passage due to wind, civil protection Chief, Miguel Téllez, recommends fire blankets for fellowships and brotherhoods for next Easter, according to what's published in andalucia informacion.

The small fire happened during the procession, that end up in a fright only, could be repeated because Holy Week passes use to be surrounded by chandeliers or lampshades that could easily burn clothes that images wear.

Because there is not any legislation that forces brotherhoods to wear any protective mean against fire, for next year, from Civil Protection it will be recommended to wear fire blanket as an active safety system against fire connotes. It will be recommended the use of fire blankets because they offer the advantage of being more economic, smaller and handy than an extinguisher and also, it will avoid the secondary effects of the extinguisher use because this could stain and damage the images and its garments.

In this way the recommendation will be also included, among others, of the usage of fire blankets in next Holy Week's Safety Manual to raise safety, from brotherhoods as well as the assisting audience to the processions.

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