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What kind of protection exists for welders?


There is a concept that must be present, any protection is little for the purpose of minimize industrial accident risks.

Welding prevention: 2 types of protection, individual and collective.We can classify two big groups of welding protection:

  1. Individual protection: welder protection, garments and eyes protection including PIDS for welding.
  2. Collective protection: environment protection, that includes, extractor fans, welding stations screens, signalling, protection against fires.

Individual Protection Protective equipment for welders must meet European regulations and adjust to work safety measures depending on the type of welding done, those must include the following elements:

  • Clothing, tailored under European regulation EN11611, welding protection work clothes, minimizes the risk of burns. Pockets and hemmed trousers must be avoided, clothes must be used always without greases and oils, as well as take into account that it mustn't be wet or sweated. In the case of an electric welding, it must be free from metallic elements like zippers or brackets, among other requirements.

  • Security helmets, to protect from falls or blows of heavy or sharp objects.

  • Security boots, that also must have their specifications, reinforced toecap to minimize the risk derived from falls of heavy objects and with tabs instep to resist welding sparks. European regulation EN345. Working footwear for professional use.

  • Gloves, cuffs and gaiters suitable to weld. Gloves must meet European regulation EN 407 or EN 12477 for welders that require high protection. Seams must be interior to avoid incandescent particles retention.

  • Security glasses, better with ocular filter and being produced under European regulation  EN 169, individual protection of eyes, welding filters and related techniques.

  • Facial welding screens under European regulation EN175, individual protection. Eye and face protection equipments while welding and related techniques.

  • Welder apron, an extra protection for welders, protects from splashes and sparks of melted metal, from cuts when handling pieces and from dirt.

According to the working conditions it must be taken into account too, earmuffs or auditory earplugs to minimize noises, bandanas, balaclavas, harnesses or security belts.


Collective protection: It includes the prevention of risks of fires or explosions, in this group we could mention as key elements:

  • Extractor Fans, that help to reduce smoke and dust in the workplace.

  • Welding stations screens, they improve considerably the work environment, creating protected spaces from radiation, welding voltaic arcs and splashes.

  • Signallings as visual guide and informative alert that facilitates the placement and identification of elements and protective measures, evacuation, emergency or first aid.

  • Protection against fires, where fire extinguishers are included, fire blankets and also the welding protective blankets that must be used depending on the kind of welding performed.


There is a concept that must be present, any protection is little for the purpose of minimize industrial accident risks. Texfire offers a range of welding protection Weld, that includes from fire blankets of different welding protective levels according to the performed welding technique.