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Flame retardant blankets with CE marking of European Conformity


What is the European Conformity CE marking?

The CE marking is a conformity indicator that means a product complies with the European legislation, Directive 93/68 EEC and it’s applied to all those products under any European regulation. In this case, the CE marking of these products is mandatory. Products with the European CE marking do not necessarily must have been manufactured in Europe, this seal certifies that before being introduced and / or marketed in Europe it has been evaluated.  

How does the CE marking of European Conformity affect fire blankets?

It was in 2017, as of the implementation of Royal Decree 513/2017 (RD513/2017), that fire blankets must carry the CE marking of European Conformity. In the article number 5 this decree dictates: “The CE marking is applied to products that are within the scope of a European Regulation or Directive and, due to this, have a harmonized standard, published as such in the Official Journal of the European Union. In this case, the CE marking is mandatory in these products" The harmonized standard referred to in article 5 is UNE EN1869 / 2021, which certifies the blankets effectiveness against fire. Therefore, blankets imported from China to Europe have to be certified by an official laboratory according to this regulation and have to comply with Royal Decree 513/2017, which, among other aspects, requires to indicate the expiration date of each fire blanket.  

What is the difference with China Export's C E marking?

The China Export C E marking means that the product has been manufactured and exported from China. In fact, although products with the China Export mark are commercialized in Europe, this does not mean that they are complying with any European directive.  

How to differentiate between the European CE and the Chinese C E marking?

The difference between the two seals is only found in the distance between letters, as shown in this image:  

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