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Use of leather fabric for welding protection


What do we need to take in account when we talk about leather fabrics for industrial sector use?

…in addition to leather fabric, in the market there are other ranges of technical and fire retardant fabrics that improve comfort and reduce weight, which which PPE - personal protective equipment - is tailored, in welding sector

Leather fabric is a material that has resistance and flexibility features, due to this is used as PPE - personal protective equipment -, in welding sector. Thus, with leather fabric we could find on industrial market welder's jackets, welder's trousers, leather hoods, leather aprons, leather seals, leather spats, etc. This material is created to protect welders from any kind of thermal contact or mechanical agression derived from this activity. Its main function is preserve the worker's security, preventing from any projection that could jump from the welding material.

What are its advantages and disadvantages for the protection in welding sector?

Even taking into account its resistance, we also must consider what are the advantages and disadvantages of using this fabric when we are doing a welding activity:

  • Long useful life
  • Economic
  • Cutting resistance
  • Heat and fire resistance
  • Good protection factor
  • It's very heavy (more than 700 grams/m2)
  • Low breatheability level
  • Less comfortable
  • Damages when wet, does not admit wash
  • Shrinks when burnt
  • Environmental veto

Despite the high use of this material to tailor laboral garmets in welding sector, there are in the market other fire resistant and technical fabrics that, due to their features, they improve the comfort, reduce the weight and are more hygienic and with which also PPE – personal protective equipment- is tailored. Texfire, commited to offer textile solutions against heat and fire, has as an onjective to develop textile accessories with fire retardant technical fabrics more comfortable. Currently in our website you can find a range of welder's complements that include welder's aprons, bandana and fire retardant pillows, slip resistant and impermeable.