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Different types of fabric for chimney carpets


Flame Retardant Property and non-slip, fundamental aspects in fabrics for chimney carpets

A chimney carpet is not only used to decorate the area of the chimney, it also protects the floor from embers and sparks released by it. In it manufacture different types of fabrics are used to provide in one way or another a high resistance to fire and heat, among the most commonly used, we find the following:

  • Nylon fabric: Nylon carpets withstand wear very well, and it is recommendable when there are pets or small children in the house. Nylon's fusion point is high, so they offer a medium protection for the floor.

  • Wool: A woolen chimney carpet use to be delicate, and they usually must have a flame retardant to be suitable to protect the floor. The advantage of these carpets is that you could find a great variety of colors and designs.

  • Bambu fabric: Bambu fabric for chimneys offer a low protection but are very trendy by its innovative designs.

  • Fiberglass fabric: Even though fiberglass carpets are very resistant to high temperatures, they don't melt nor burn, this fabric has a high heat conductivity, so it heats very fast and could end up harming the floor, thus they are usually recovered with heat isolator layers.

Chimney carpets must meet the following regulations:

Limited propagation to the flame UNE EN ISO 15025 A1-A2
Splashes of melted metal IS0 9185 D3
Water penetration resistance UNE EN 20811 100

Evolving this product, Texfire has developed a flame retardant fabric, by which it tailors a range of floor protective carpets not only for chimneys but also for its outdoors use in barbecues, by adding an impermeable and non-slip cover to its composition that repels acids, greases and water, and a layer with a big thermal isolator ability, offering a high protective product for your floor.

Alfombra ignífuga protectora chimenea Texfire