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Flame retardant carpets, the perfect complement for barbecues and chimneys


Fire carpets decorate and protect our environment from fire

Carpets are tailored fabrics used to cover the floor of a room, especially on winter. If also these carpets are flame retardant, we could also use them to protect the floor from fire.

Many people use carpets to decorate homes, they also help to create a warmer ambience in wintertime, or they even use them in the house or flat entries. This last type of carpets are known as floor mats and has a hygienic property by letting visitors retire dirt from the show sole before entering. They are also used regularly in public buildings and offices meeting, in addition to the hygienic function already mentioned, a slip-resistant function.

If, in addition to the uses mentioned already, our carpet is flame retardant, we will be protection of our environment against fires becoming a passive protective element against fire.

Passive protection against fire include all those materials, systems and techniques designed to prevent the start of a fire, impede or delay its spreading and facilitate its extinction at last.

Texfire has developed a range of flame retardant carpets suitable as complements for chimneys and barbecues. Flame retardant carpets Texfire distinguish themselves from other carpets with flame retardant properties because they are designed exclusively to protect the floor and environment from flames, sparks and ashes originated during the combustion process. Thanks to their impermeable and slip-resistant finishing, they could be used both indoors and outdoors. You could also use, both BBQ carpet and chimney carpet, to stop a fire in the case of a fire connote.

Despite having a flame retardant carpet for barbecues or a flame retardant carpet for chimneys, the most important thing is people's security and therefore, before any risky situation, we must look for a safe place as soon as possible and contact emergency services.