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Do you know all fire blankets applications?


Fire blankets provide protection against flames, extinguishing fires in objects and people

The fire blanket is a little known product in our country, and the people who know it believe that it is a product to extinguish fires caused in kitchens by frying pans and fryers. Moreover, its use is associated with the hotel and catering sector, specifically professional kitchens.

But is this the only application for a fire blanket, and is the catering sector the only sector where this product can be useful?
The answer is simple, No. The hospitality sector is NOT the only sector where it has an application.

The standard that regulates fire blankets (EN 1869:1997), regulates:

  • The parameters of their manufacture.
  • The use for which the product is designed.
  • The laboratory test methods to obtain the official certificate.

It also defines the fire blanket as an element of active protection against fire in the event of a fire outbreak (which it extinguishes by suffocation). The blanket is used to extinguish fires on people's clothing or objects, as well as for personal protection during fire evacuation processes. Therefore, the spectrum of use of this product is extended.

It is also important to know that its use is very simple and does not require any training to be able to handle it. If to all this we add that its price is usually very reasonable (depending on the model and manufacturer), we believe that it is a tremendously useful product for both professional and domestic use.
We will talk more extensively about the professional sectors where the fire blanket can be used later on, but now that summer is coming and with it the outdoor activities such as:

  • Summer camping.
  • Organizing family barbecues.
  • Attending popular festivals where pyrotechnics are used.
  • The well-known bonfires of San Juan.
  • The popular Fallas of Valencia
  • Etc.

Having a fire blanket at hand can be very useful and can be a mere scare, which can be a great catastrophe.

At Texfire we adhere to the philosophy "prevention is better than regret" and we want to make you aware of the versatility of fire blankets and offer you a wide range of fire blankets.

If you want to know more about this product, you can visit our website or contact us through our contact form.

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