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What is a fire blanket for?


Not everyone knows the different applications that a fire blanket could have. A priori, we could think that a blanket is used to cover when is cold, and if also is flame resistant, it also protect us against fire. And we won't be very mistaken with our supposition, but the specific applications of fire blankets could be several. Fire blankets could be the safest element to stop a fire caused with oil, provided that this fire is small.

There are different extinguishers for different fire types and stop a fire caused by oil with the wrong extinguisher could derive in catastrophic consequences.

Is also recommendable the use of fire blankets in evacuation plans of a fire because it will protect against flames to people that wrap with fire blankets, when qualified people and/or professional extinguish the fire with more adequate elements. The fact that a fire blanket is compatible with any fire type and its easy use, facilitates its use in multiple application sectors. So, in kitchen, public facilities, domestic use, reduced mobility places...

Fire blankets are totally recommended as a safety element against fire connates and the perfect complement for other safety systems against fire.

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