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Why do you need a barbecue carpet?


An economic and easy way to prevent a fire or that embers damage teak or wooden floors in a barbecue, is by using a special barbecue flame retardant carpet.

Barbecue flame retardant carpet, the perfect accessory for your barbecue.

Everyone loves a BBQ with your friends and relatives, but we also know that every activity where fire or embers are generated may be a risk or danger. Due to that it is very important to cook safely, especially in front of a barbecue, or a wood oven... There’s a series of barbecue accessories in the market that make cooking safer, for example barbecue flame retardant carpets.

When we cook in a barbecue there are lots of elements around that can ignite easily by getting in contact with the ashes of the fire or; even worse, a burning ember can fall over and ignite a:

  • Cotton cloth.
  • Napkin.
  • Coal or rubbish bag.
  • Charcoal tablets.
  • Greases…

Besides, increasingly, people decorate their backyards and gardens with wooden or teak floors, in which they also use the barbecue to cook. Many times the use of cartons or newspapers to protect the floor is usual, being unaware of the danger that takes to use those materials because of their high flammability.

Alfombra ignífuga

An economic and easy way to prevent a fire, or the damage provoked by embers, ashes and greases on a wooden or teak floor, would be by the use of a special barbecue flame retardant carpet. These protective carpets are specially designed to prevent that any firing material that falls over them couldn’t start a fire and thus, preventing any arson attempts.

Texfire offers a collection of flame retardant carpets for barbecues and chimneys created with technical, flame retardant, heat isolator and grease repellant fabrics. In the case of outdoors carpets, the textile is fireproof and isolator by both sides and, in the case of indoors carpets, in addition to having those features in the front side, the other side has a layer with heat isolator fabric.