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How to choose a good welding curtain?


Welding curtain: Flame retardant protection of the working area

Screens functions: separation of areas and security signalling. ISO 9185: Fabric's resistance before melted metal splashes.

An optimal calculation of height and wide will avoid that sparks could be projected outside the working environment, and cause some kind of accident.

Welding curtains are complements used to separate and protect spaces on welding spheres. In this range we can also find folding screens, dividers or welding slats. Choosing the adequate curtain is important due as it is very often managed to open and close the area where welding is taking place. Some aspects to take into account when choosing a protection curtain for welding are:

1. Security:

  • Designed for protection before welding sparks projections.
  • Light flashes.
  • Fire risk and fire ignition.

2. Functionality:

  • To delimit.
  • Separate working spaces.

3. Curtain's sizes.
4. Technical properties: according to the type of material it is composed and its current regulations.

This last point is fundamental to guarantee our safety. For example, if they are curtains of treated translucid PVC, they must be produced meeting the regulation UNE EN ISO 25980. This regulation states that the material these curtains are made of must filter harmful UV light radiations, as well as protect from the light issued by welding projections. In this type of curtain, there are different color tones acting as filters to protect eyes from projections issued during welding, recommending one or another depending on the welding type done.

  • The bright colors are suitable for soft welding works.
  • The darker colors are more appropriate for more severe welding processes.

In the case of opaque curtains, there must be confirmed that the used fabric is flame retardant and able to resist continuous projections of welding sparks, ensuring that the fabric is flammable, nor burning or spreading the flame.

Regarding its dimensions, protection curtains must completely cover the working area. A calculation of the adequate height and wide will avoid that sparks could be projected outside the working environment, causing any kind of accident. In the market, almost every brand offer curtains of standard measurements, being difficult to find a tailored welding curtain. In order to fill this gap, Texfire offers the chance to acquire tailored welding curtains. Customers have the chance to choose measures up to 10,5 meters, also offering, the option to tailor more customized measurements.