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New semicircular flame retardant carpet . 4 aspects to know


Flame retardant carpets:  Protective, safe and functional complement for chimneys and heaters. Now you can find in the market a semicircular flame retardant carpet, a design which Texfire wants to satisfy the demand of those clients who are looking for a crescent model very demanded to put before heaters. This new model is added to the range of floor protective flame retardant carpets Texfire, it is presented in two standard sizes and is tailored with the same fabric of the  flame retardant carpet for chimneys, so it has the same technical features:

  • Resistant to flame propagation
  • agaist fire
  • Impermeable in one side
  • Resistant to stains and humidity.
Flame retardant floor protector, this kind of carpets comply the function of a floor protective mat, it is not the typical decorative carpet


Clarify, some concepts and details related to flame retardant carpets will help to know what is the real function of this product, down below we will detail the most controversial ones:

  1. First, we need to know the definition if the word flame retardant, (tectually translated into Spanish as: retardante de la llama). The flame retardants allude to a variety of subtances added to combustible materials to avoid fires or reduce the propagation of a fire and give an additional escape time. (*)

  2. Fire retardant floor protector, this type of carpets comply the function of a protective floor mat, it is not the typical decorative carpet we use to hace in living rooms.   Protector ignífugo de suelo. Its manufacture is done with permanent flame retardant fabrics that resist sparks, flames, ashes and even stains and acids and water. Due to that, they are suitable to put in the kitchen, ovens, before chimneys or under a barbecue. Because of its permanent flame retardant fabric, they could even be used to stop a fire in case of an incipient fire, thanks to its flame retardant properties, it wouldn't spread the flame.

  3. Indoors our outdoors use according to the fabric's composition which they are created. No matter its orientation regarding its use, they have a good resistance when being exposed to Sun or rain, unlike common carpets.

  4. Fabrics tested and certified according European regulations, flame retardant carpets Texfire, are tailored with fabrics tested in laboratories under UNE EN ISO 15025 (Limited flame propagation), ISO 9185 (Melted metal splashes), UNE EN 20811 (Resistance to water penetration).