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Thermal insulation blankets for valves


Why is it commendable to install thermal blankets in valves?

Valves are elements existing on any installation implying the circulation of gases or liquids. Their main aim is to regulate and direct the stream and flow of those element, but they show an important deficit regarding their thermal effectiveness due to, unlike pipes, valves must be approachable for their handling and to perform maintenance tasks periodically and this provokes that in most cases valves are left uncovered. Rigid insulation has some advantages such as the material cost, but at the same time it is forced to be broken and a new installation needs to be made every time the protected element is reached. Therefore, in installations where the flow of gases or liquids must be performed by maintaining certain working temperatures, valves are one of the biggest points of heat leaks, reducing the circuit efficiency. These pictures taken with a thermal camera illustrate heat leaks propitiated in valves without thermal protection.


The best insulation jackets for valves

The most efficient solution to minimize heat leaks produced in valves is the installation of textile thermal jackets (also known as textile thermal blankets). These are elements that can be adjusted to the size of each valve, they can be easily assembled and disassembled to perform maintenance task and thus, unlike rigid insulation, thermal blankets are reusable. In this picture the efficiency of this type of solution can be seen.  

As technical fabric manufacturers, Texfire can offer not only a custom size confection of textile thermal jackets, but also a selection of fabrics adapting to the requirements of each installation. Being able to tailor multi-layered jackets for valves that give response to different requirements. These are some of the functions for which this type of solutions are installed:

  • Blankets for thermal insulation
  • Blankets to reduce vibration
  • Blankets to reduce noise
  • Permeable blankets to protect outdoors valves
  • Blankets to provide an extra flame retardant protection
  • Blankets to avoid accidents by burning


Custom size insulation for valves

There are several types of valves and each one of them is available in many sizes. These are some of the valves that Texfire can insulate:

  • Gate valves
  • Knife gate valves
  • Seat valves
  • Shut-off valves
  • Quick-acting shut-off valves
  • Throttle valves
  • Ball valves
  • Butterfly valves
  • Lock valves
  • Reducing valves

In order to tailor a custom size jacket for valves, it’s needed to know the type of valve and its measurements. Also, it is important to value if the thermal insulation has to cover the valve itself only (from flange to flange) or also the entrance and exit ducts.  

Benefits of the installation of textile insulation jackets for valves

The use of insulation jackets for valves helps to avoid heat loss. The most direct benefits are the economical save (it raises the circuit’s efficiency) and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, this type of solution brings other advantages:

  • It’s installed and removed easily.
  • It can v-be reused.
  • It allows easy access to perform maintenance tasks.
  • It adjusts perfectly to the valve because it’s made to measure
  • Fabric’s composition can be adapted according to the technical needs of each valve.
  • It increments safety by minimizing burning risks.