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Textiles for kitchen with more protection


For all those worried, not only about the hygene in the kitchen, but also in cooking safely and calmly, we inform that there are kitchen textiles tailored with permanent flame retardant fabric in the market.

When kitchen works are done, we use garmets that protect us from:

  • Dirt.
  • Grease or other liquids splashes.
  • Spill of and/or food drops.

So it is common to buy:

  • Bib-apron or short apron.
  • Cloths or kitchen towels.
  • Mittens...

To use it as textile complement of the kitchen clothing, both in a restaurant's kitchen and in a house's kitchen.

For all those worried, not only about the hygene in the kitchen, but also in cooking safely and calmly, in the market there are kitchen textiles tailored with permanent flame retardant fabric, that will protect you from sparks and any hot flame that could appear while cooking.

The ideal is that the flame retardant fabric used for the confection of these products, meets the European regulation of comfortable protection against heat and fire EN ISO 15025. The flame retardant properties of these fabrics could be achieved either by treatments of flame retardant layers added to the fabric or because when weaving flame retardant fibers are used giving the fabric a permanent flame retardant property, achieving that it admits industrial washing cycles up to 60ºC, in order to wash completely its dirt and at the same time keeping its flame retardant properties inherent with time.

As we all know, a bib-apron for cook is the garment that protects clothers and body from grease, sauces, flour or any particle of dirt dropped when cooking. The kitchen cloth, also known as kitchen towe, is usually placed close to the stove or hanged in the handle of the oven's door, using it typically to dry hands or dishes and remove hot kitchen utensils from the stove when used in a domestic kitchen, while in the professional hospitality industry, its main function is the drying of dishes.

Sometimes, the professional cook uses to fold it and use it in a rectangular shape as a kind of grip or mitten to withdraw trays from ovens, handle or take hot pots. For this last application, we could buy siliconised mittens, grips, etc. A garment which has become very trendy, not only in the catering and hospitality industries, but also as a safety element to put over the head when barbecuing, is the cook bandana in pirate style, which is adjusted in its back side with two knotted strips, creating an optimal clamping because it carries the hair in a very optimal way and avoids that sweat falls over the food.


If we add the flame retardant property to all these garments, we will be using the most technical kitchen textiles. In Texfire, you will find a range of flame retardant textiles as well as kitchen clothing accesories, which is called technical kitchen range and includes:

  • Technical heat isolator apron
  • Short technical flame retardant apron
  • Technical flame retardant kitchen cloth
  • Technical flame retardant bandana
  • Technical flame retardant dish-mitt, a kitchen cloth with a very peculiar design that has a double function, as kitchen cloth and kitchen mitten.

All these kitchen garments have stain repellant, absorbent properties and they are also tailored with permanent flame retardant fabric, giving an added value to each article, because it protects us not only from its typical use but also against fire and flames.

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