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8 steps to follow for a correct use of fire blankets in kitchens


Fire blankets are the most practical article that could be used against a fire connate in the kitchen

If fire blankets are the most functional article you could use in case of any accident that causes a fire, its bad use could derive in putting your own safety and the ones surrounding you, so you must take into account its instructions of use.

Note: Before proceding to use a fire blanket, stop at first the combustible souce like butane gas or the causer of the fire. Don't forget to call Emergency services and firefighters.

You could also see a video where the way of use of a  fire blanket Texfire in a professional kitchen is shown. Texfire has develeoped a new generation of fire blankets, designed under the regulation EN 1869/1997,  that doesn't have fiberglass or abestos, is ligher and very versatile to any surface. This range, in addition of pursuing vigorously all the technical requirements has also paid special attencion to the product's presentation, which has been thought according to the sector which is adressed to, designing two packages: fire blanket in textile cover and fire blanket in stainless steel box.

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