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Online Suply: Texfire’s new bet


The new website for Texfire's professional clients

There is a growing number of companies that are joining to this "new era for commerce: the digital era", companies with B2C profile and those that move around B2B world, due to the multiple saving advantages, within time and in costs, and the signification influence in competitive level to get introduced in new markets. Having a space in this universe means opening to the world, moving in a globalized word and even achieve an internationalization with minimum efforts and costs.

Texfire joins the digital revolution and perceives with big future expectations this new sales mean: e-commerce, so it makes available for its distributor clients a professional website:, that lets any distributor client purchase in:

  • Easier and simple way when the client demands it.
  • Without depending on timetables nor stock.
  • Saving time.
  • Reducing administrative procedures.
  • With fast and safe delivery terms.
  • Taking profit of punctual promotions depending on the season.

Its purpose is to facilitate distributors any kind of commercial management regarding their clients, that becomes Texfire's professional client folder, where you could not only materialize fast a rush order, but also find all the information of the precise product:

  • Data, commercial and product sheets.
  • Instructions of use and maintenance handbooks.
  • Applications under sector.
  • Information about the technical regulations and current legislations.
  • Product test reports.
  • Pictures and videos.

The website will even let you know internally the margins where you are working at and receive online technical assistance without depending on working hours.

Until now this digital strategy of Texfire's online supply was focused to the final client only (B2C) as a testing and products' acceptance experience developed by the company, since then Texfire has targeted very concrete and ambitious objectives referring to online business volumes with its professional client (B2B), because this is the principal category from the company's client.

For the time being, website, is available only in Spanish, but it is planned to release its English version in next year and later expand it to other languages as its products position in other markets in an international level. As a future objective, Texfire is planning online customization, that professional clients could even design online the product they wish with their logos, follow their orders and print their bills.

There is much to do, we are only in the first steps, because besides the boom of digital businesses, we have to make clients aware of the advantages yet, especially about the decrease of cost and time, that the use of this sales platform brings us and know how to reassure in financial transactions. In other words, create habits and culture of online shopping, regarding clients and providers, in order to gradually break the barriers that hinder the use of this sales channel. If you are a distributor and your clients consume any product range offered by Texfire, you can ask for more information about the professional supply modality B2B online that Texfire makes available through the web.

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