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Gastronomic Forum Girona 2015, Texfire sideways Complet Hotel, S.A.


Fire blankets Texfire, in Gastronomic Forum Girona 2015

Girona's Congress Palace and the Exhibition Palace will receive the new edition of Gastronomic Forum GIRONA 2015, that will take place in one month time, from November 15th to November 17th 2015.

The Forum will have great professionals and companies in cooking world, such as:

  • Josep, Joan and Jordi Roca.
  • Jordi Cruz.
  • Sergio and Javier Torres.
  • Dani García.
  • Paco Pérez.
  • Ángel León.
  • Ricard Camarena.
  • Fina Puigdevall.
  • Nandu Jubany.

Are some of the principal figures. Texfire will be present for the first time in this gourmet event, thanks to the collaboration of Complet Hotel, S.A., client and partner of Texfire. Complet Hotel is one of the principal sponsors of this event, specialist in:

  • Hostelry machinery.
  • Buffets facilities.
  • Industrial kitchens and any kind of installations.
  • Maintenance and installation of professional kitchens.

Complet Hotel is member of, in addition to CRISOL Group, the first and biggest warehouseman group of Spain and France, to which 36 companies from the hostelry and catering sector are associated. Complet Hotel will cover Gastronomic Forum GIRONA 2015 with its kitchen equipments and professional personnel specialized 8 culinary workshops and the restaurant hall that in this occasion will be named Espacio Arroz (Rice Space), because rice, considered as the basic aliment in many culinary cultures, will be the top dish in this new edition.

Texfire will have the chance to protect with its new version of fire blankets designed under regulation EN 1869 and oriented specifically to professional kitchens, the 8 culinary work ships and Espacio Arroz hall, that will be represented by Complet Hotel.

Texfire hopes that the presentation of fire blankets will make conscience and use culture of this system against fire's active elements as a complement of fire extinguishers and any other related device, like extractor hoods, among others, in professional kitchens. Guide differently the security and active protection against fire through a physical exhibition of fire blankets in Gastronomic Forum GIRONA 2015, one of the most important events of the professional culinary world, where in addition to its participants and the environment, live kitchen sessions will be done, it will be the perfect chance to show the advantages offered by having fire blankets on kitchens. Fire blankets bring protection, security and comfort when used.

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