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5 reasons to have a fire blanket in hotels


Fire blankets could be the perfect complements for any safety system against fire in a hotel.

Hotels have many features to take into account when making a risk analysis, not only because of the number of people that come together there, counting guests and hotel's personnel, but also because of the number of doors, staircases and existing corridors. Hotels not only look to offer clients good cleaning conditions, food quality and presentation, but also offer maximum safety against fires. When analysing safety against fires in hotels, there are many aspects to take into account. What is pretended is to dispose from enough practical tools, to bring maximum safety to human lifes.

Fire causes in hotels are numerous, but following up we will mention the most common ones: Waste accumulation next to a heat source, bad habits among the guests and the hotel's personnel itself (some cigarettes on bed, unextinguished cigarettes close to moquettes, curtains, waste bins...) dirty heaters and air handlers and in bad state with a higher risk, and where most fire causes are: a bad use of fryers and grills, grease and oil accumulation in ventilation conducts...

Fire blankets are one of the most easy to use manual safety devices against fire.

For all that, is obligatory to create an evacuation plan in the hotel, install manual and automatic systems for fire protection like extinguishers, but also fire blankets as manual protective systems are recommended. In fact, many tour operators around the world claim the presence of fire blankets in hotels and apartments where the clients are going to be accomodated because is one of the easiest protection elements to use, for the extinction of a small fire as well as personal protection during the evacuation process.

Following, we enummerate five reasons to have a fire blanket in a hotel:

- Because it is effectiva to block heat acting as a barrier when escaping a fire, you just need to cover with it and escape to a safer area. - Because if we use it quickly, damages cause by fire will be minimal. - Because each time there are more organisms that see them as an element against fires including it in security systems and risk prevention manuals basing in Real Decreto 2267/2004, among others. - Because is an economic security system because it does not require any maintenance, it only requires to be changed once used. - Because it occupies a minimum space and there are different disegns that could match with the hotel's aesthetics.

Make sure that adquired fire blankets meets regulation UNE EN 1869:1997

To the companies interested in TEXFIRE flame retardant products could contact us in +34 93 7194814 or send us a message through our contact form.