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New range of welding protection products

Texfire prioritizes quality and safety in the manufacture of its technical fabrics, as well as attention to detail in the confection of its products. This work philosophy is reflected in the new special catalogue for welders, where you will find flame retardant solutions designed to offer maximum protection in environments with sparks, incandescent projections and fire.

Flame Retardant Welding Blankets:

Texfire's flame retardant blankets are built to handle high temperatures and flying sparks. With three protection levels, they're suitable for welding, radial cutting, plasma, and oxy-cutting.

WELD S1 Blanket: Lightweight and flexible, withstands up to 250ºC continuously and spikes up to 600ºC.

WELD S2 Blanket: Flexible, waterproof, and reversible. Holds up against temperatures of up to 900ºC.

WELD SX Blanket: Built for the extreme conditions, handles continuous heat of 300ºC and spikes up to a whopping 1300ºC. Plus, it's got a thermal insulation layer for extra oomph.

Flame Retardant Curtains and Screens:

We've got curtains and screens to section off spaces and shield the area during welding gigs.

Also, we offer the possibility to customize the blankets and curtains.

Technical Fabrics for Welding:

We manufacture and sell technical fabrics designed specifically to withstand extreme welding conditions. We sell our technical fabrics by meter.

Flame Retardant Personal Protection Gear:

Bandanas, hoods, balaclavas, and flame-retardant undershirts, among others. These Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) are certified and guarantee safety and comfort, with the CE standard of approval.

Texfire's invites you to check out our welding protection solutions by entering this link below. Or downloading the new catalog from the link below.

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