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UNE EN 14533: European Regulation of behaviour to fire in bedding articles


This regulation is one of the three regulation closely related with bedding articles regarding its behaviour to fire.

This regulation specifies a classification system of the behabiour to fire from bedding articles, based in two ignition sources like a burning cigarette and a small uncovered flame (match).

The classification is applied only to individual articles and not to complete bed sets. Exemples of those articles:

  • Matress covers
  • Matress cover sheets
  • Sheets and incontinence cloths
  • Blankets and Electric blankets
  • Quilts and covers
  • Pillows and cushions
  • Pillow covers

The regulations define testing protocols depending on the type of article to analise regarding its risks and typical uses (ignition sources placement).

The classification scheme refers to all the testing methods of regulations EN ISO 12952, to evaluate the easiness of ignition in both cases mentioned recently.

Materials must be cleaned before the test, and the adopted procedure will be mentioned in the test report.

A material passes the evaluation test of ignition easiness by a burning cigarette if is registered as "no ignition" under Regulation EN ISO 12952-1.

A material passes the evaluation test of ignition easiness by a small uncovered flame if is registered as "no ignition" under Regulation EN ISO 12952-2.

This regulation defines three classes according to the result:

  • A: if the cigarette and match tests are passed.
  • B: if the cigarette test is passed.
  • C: if  it doesn't pass any test.

For more detailed information about the procedures done in this test you can check Texfire's website or contact directly with its customer service department.


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