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Why is the car fire blanket a fire protection system for vehicle fleets and parking lots?

Fire safety in areas with dense vehicle population, such as fleets, dealerships, and public and paid parking lots, demands effective and responsible solutions against high-risk situations. In this context, Texfire's fire car blanket for electric vehicles stands out as a safety measure offering unparalleled defense for both property and people.


Unlike common extinguishers that disperse chemical agents or water, the blanket acts by covering the fire, suffocating it under an oxygen-impermeable barrier. This direct action allows for quicker and more focused containment, eliminating flames without dispersing the ignited materials or causing fire spread, crucial in parking lots and enclosed spaces where the risk of propagation is high.


Conventional extinguishing systems often leave behind chemical residues or contaminated water, which can be equally or more destructive than the fire itself. These residues are not only difficult to clean but also pose a risk to health and the environment. The fire car blanket, on the contrary, contains the fire and its byproducts, preventing the release of toxic particles and ensuring that the environment remains safe and clean.


The safety of individuals is paramount in any fire protocol. Texfire's blanket is safe to use, even without specialized training, allowing quick interventions by anyone present at the time of a fire. By avoiding the dispersion of chemicals and minimizing smoke, the risk of inhalation of harmful substances by people in the vicinity is also significantly reduced.


The fire blanket for electric vehicles by Texfire offers clear advantages over other systems:

  • Speed and ease of use: It can be deployed immediately, without the need for preparation or prior technical knowledge.
  • Non-harmful to nearby vehicles: The blanket protects the environment surrounding the vehicle.
  • Sustainability: By not generating chemical residues or contaminated water, it is a greener solution for fire containment.
  • Cost-effectiveness: With minimal maintenance and no need for refills, it represents a smart long-term investment.

Choosing Texfire's fire blanket for electric vehicles is a commitment to safety, efficiency, and environmental responsibility. It offers a sophisticated solution that protects both people and property, minimizing environmental impact.

For vehicle fleets, dealerships, and parking operators, adopting the Texfire blanket is not just a safety measure: it's a step towards a safer and more sustainable future.

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