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Fire blankets

8 steps to follow for a correct use of fire blankets in kitchens

Fire blankets are the most practical article that could be used against a fire connate in the kitchen If fire blankets are the most functional article you could use in case of any accident that causes a fire, its bad...
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Class K fire and fire blankets

Class K fire refers to vegetable oil or animal fat fires produced in deep fryers or griddles in the kitchen (Class K fire = Kitchen). Class K fire is a subclass of Class B fire, that implies to the fire produced by...
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NTP 500 – Regulation for risk prevention in laboratories

Action and protection items in emergency cases in laboratoriesWork activity in a laboratory implies the use of a wide range of chemical products with high toxicity and danger degrees, and its manipulation for various...
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Welding protection: Thermal Blanket or Fire Blanket?

What do we call thermal blanket for welding, and what do we call fire blanket in welding?The welders sphere require a high security degree to develop its professional activity properly. An inadequate product for a...
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AOGLP recommend the use of Fire Blankets under UNE 60250

Do you know the REGULATION UNE 60250 names fire blankets as a complimentary material to prevent fires?What is AOGLP?Asociación Española de Operadores de Gases Licuados del Petróleo. (Spanish Association of Petroleum...
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Date: from 15th to 23rd October 2016. Place: Gran Vía fairground in Fira de BarcelonaUnder the slogan “I am caravaning”, it is a reunion for all those who love to disconnect closer to nature, look for autonomy in...
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Do you know all fire blankets applications?

Fire blankets provide protection against flames, extinguishing fires in objects and peopleThe fire blanket is a little known product in our country, and the people who know it believe that it is a product to...
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Use of fire blankets in power plants

Fire blankets: A first aid supporting element in power plantsWhat factors can cause a fire in a power plant? Generally two, human and technical factors, but usually happens by: Generation of sparks by overheating...
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Public road fires decrease, but house fires increase

During 2015 in Barcelona, 5 fatalities were produced in fires and explosions inside houses.According to data provided by Barcelona's fire department, Fire and explosions were reduced in more than a 6% in public...
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How to choose which flame retardant blanket buy under desired use: fire blanket, fiberglass or welding protection?

Many times we find clients that buy a fire blanket that end up using in a welding workshop, the client's goal was the protection against welding protection and depending on their level or the welding technique done,...
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