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Texfire’s PVC curtains are made of red semitransparent PVC which protects from blue light and radiation caused by IR and UV beams generated by the voltaic arc of welding. In addition, these curtains resist sparks and incandescent metal splashes coming from welding and cutting works, performing as a protective screen. They have very good resistance to rubbing, abrasion, and cutting.

Texfire’s PVC curtains allow users to delimit working areas, ensuring safety and protecting both the staff and the environment. They are effective on both sides in basic welding, grinding and even in more severe welding works and processes.

Texfire’s Kit is composed of two PVC curtains, each one measuring 1.800 mm long per 1.400 mm wide, with a thickness of 0,40 mm.  Each curtain has 5 metallic grommets on its upper edge in order to ease its installation on structures or welding screens. Grommets are included by default, but they can be removed in the right selector.

In order to equip the non-armed welding screen structure, only one curtain kit is needed  (one kit includes two curtains). Texfire also offers a screen structure with mobile arms that requires two curtain kits (4 curtains in total) in order to delimit a higher area.

Texfire’s PVC curtains are widely used in welding workshops to contain sparks and protect from blue light and harmful radiation. Those are flexible curtains, easy to install and handle, and with a long lifespan.


  • This Kit does not include the screen structure.
  • Each curtain measures 1.800 mm long per 1.400 mm wide and 0,40 mm thick.
  • Protects from blue light radiation and IR + UV radiation.
  • Resists sparks and welding projection impacts.
  • Resistant to abrasion.
  • Effective on both sides.
  • Kit consists of 2 curtains, each equipped with 5 grommets and 10 hooks.
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Fabric data sheet

Data sheet

Fire resistance
EN 1598 | PASS
Thermal conductivity
ASTM C177 | 0,16 W/m.K
Work temperature
EN 1876 | Min. -25ºC and Max. 50ºC
Thermal properties
ISO 11357 | 1,6 kJ/kg.K
UV / IR Filter
EN 1598 & ISO 25980 | PASS
UV Resistance
ISO 4982 | PASS
Superficial resistvity
ASTM D257 | 30 Ω


  • Red semitransparent PVC curtain.
  • Welding curtain.
  • Area delimiter.
  • Protective curtain against blue light and welding radiations.
  • Protector of areas to weld.


  • Welding.
  • Chemical and petrochemical.
  • Construction.
  • Maintenance.
  • Mechanical workshops.
  • Railway.



  • Can be washed easily with a wet cloth.
  • Never clean it with alcohol, flammable remains can stay in the curtain.
  • Leave a separation distance of at least 1 metre between the welding area and the curtains.

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