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Flame retardant blankets: Sectors of aplication

Due to the nature of the tasks done in laboraotries, emergencies caused by spills, splashes or fire connates can be caused easily, so action and protection items are needed to control these situations. Experience...
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Textiles for kitchen with more protection

For all those worried, not only about the hygene in the kitchen, but also in cooking safely and calmly, we inform that there are kitchen textiles tailored with permanent flame retardant fabric in the market. When...
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8 steps to follow for a correct use of fire blankets in kitchens

Fire blankets are the most practical article that could be used against a fire connate in the kitchen If fire blankets are the most functional article you could use in case of any accident that causes a fire, its bad...
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Class K fire and fire blankets

Class K fire refers to vegetable oil or animal fat fires produced in deep fryers or griddles in the kitchen (Class K fire = Kitchen). Class K fire is a subclass of Class B fire, that implies to the fire produced by...
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Texfire will visit HOSTELCO 2016

The event of the equipment sector for hostelry, catering and collectivesHOSTELCO, the biannual date for professional providers of equipments, machinery and services for Hostelry, Restaurants and Collectives will take...
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Food truck: Urban cooking more protected with fire blankets

Equip Food truck kitchens with higher protectionDuring summer is very trendy to eat on streets, but this last summer peculiarity was that food was prepared instantly, fresh and hot food, ready to get served and...
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Advantages of fire blankets in restaurant kitchens

The fire blankets, designed under regulation UNE – EN 1869 / 1997, are blankets that meet the requisites of non-reusable flame retardant blankets and foreseen for a single person use and essentially destined to...
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