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Thermal Covers

Custom Textile Covers

Texfire manufactures custom-made covers, protectors, and cases using technical fabrics to provide textile solutions for insulation and protection, with added mechanical features tailored to the requirements of each project and various sectors. Examples include fireproof covers for containers in the aerospace sector, covers for robotic welding arms in the automotive sector, as well as more common thermal covers for IBC drums, among others.


Custom tailoring with technical fabrics offers multiple advantages.


Texfire offers custom tailoring and textile customization in technical covers to adapt to any piece or volume.


Our range of high-temperature fabrics enables us to manufacture textile covers that can operate from -100°C to 1.250°C.

Resistance and Safety

Texfire offers fire resistant fabrics that guarantee resistance and safety, protecting against fires and improving technical properties.

In-house manufacturing

Texfire manufactures its own technical fabrics to ensure quality and adaptability to customer needs.


Each project has intrinsic requirements determined by the project itself, its use, or the sector to which it belongs. Texfire, committed to safety, designs and manufactures custom technical covers capable of providing complementary features such as: fire protection, abrasion resistance, thermal insulation, etc., within a temperature range from -100°C to 1.250°C.

As a manufacturer, Texfire offers a range of technical fabrics that allow for the adaptation of thermal and mechanical performance of the covers to the needs of each project, enabling the design of industrial assemblies with multiple properties:

Thermal insulation
Thermal Shield
Abrasion resistance
Impermeability to liquids and gases
Thermal resistance (-100°C to 1.250°C)
Resistance to impacts from incandescent particles


Texfire has its own sewing department where, based on a dimensioned plan or a sample piece provided by the customer, we develop the pattern to ensure the best possible fit.

Texfire also offers the option to create an initial unit as a prototype so that the customer can test and validate it.

If you are interested in customizing the textile cover, please contact our technical department so they can advise you on the best option.


Texfire has 3 internal laboratories equipped to conduct tests and trials that allow evaluating the quality, mechanical resistance, and behavior against heat and fire of textiles. This capability enables providing detailed information about the expected performance of the covers, ensuring customers the reliability of the fabrics in different use conditions. It is important to note that Texfire has fabrics that are already certified under reference standards in the sector, such as EN 13501, UNE 23727, and UNE 13773, among others.

Additionally, Texfire can facilitates the certification process for customers' final products, providing technical support for conducting standardized tests and simulating specific working conditions to select the most suitable fabric and configuration for each application.


Custom technical textile covers can be designed for different purposes: Protection, optimizing equipment performance, or both simultaneously. Defining the objective and conditions accurately is crucial for making the right selection of the technical fabrics.

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High Quality Components

Texfire works with different types of closures to meet the requirements of each textile cover. To select the best closure for each cover, factors such as shape, mechanical stress, environmental conditions, or thermal performance are taken into account. Texfire only manufactures with components of the highest quality:

Do you need more information about technical covers?

If you need further information, you can contact Texfire's technical team through the contact form or by phone, and we will clarify any doubts related to our products and services.